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Pittura Coatings Ltd. offers a wide variety of blast media to suit your needs. This includes:

     - Sand

     - Steel Grit

     - Green Diamond

     - Glass Bead & Grit

     - Fused Ceramic Bead

     - Brown & White Aluminum Oxide

     - MCG Garnet

     - Coal Slag

     - Corn Cob Grit

     - Abrasive Plastic Media

Our environmentally-friendly blast media include:

     - Enviro-Grit Crushed Glass

     - Eco-Shell Inc. Ground Walnut Shells

If you’re looking for professional, industrial-grade abrasive blasting services, don't wait to get in touch!


With 18,000 square footage of painting space and 23 feet of clearance to any of the four 16-tonne overhead cranes, Pittura Coatings Ltd. is well equipped to handle all of your large jobs. Completely portable mobile units with service rigs and pickers allow us to bring our services to you for off-site jobs.

Our coatings services are nearly universal in their applications, this includes:

     - Oil Field Drilling Equipment

     - Structural Steel

     - Internal Coatings

We offer a diverse range of industrial enamels and primers, including:

     - Akzo Nobel (Devoe, International)

     - Carboline

     - Cloverdale

     - Endura

     - Hempel

     - PPG

     - Sherwin Williams

     - Tnemec

Contact us today for your professional, industrial-grade coating!

No matter the size of the project, we’re here to make it happen.

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